Iran to become self-sufficient in gasoline production with new refinery

Iranian president Hassan Rohani inaugurated a new refinery that will make the country self-sufficient in terms of meeting its gasoline needs, according to Iranian media.

“Self-reliance in petroleum production is a great honor for the Iranian people,” Rohani stated. According to data published by AFP, this refinery located in Bandar Abbas (South) and presented as one of the largest in the world, was built by Khatam-al Anbia, the economic arm of Iran’s powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Iran currently produces nearly 64 million liters of petroleum per day, and imports another 12 million to meet domestic demand. The first phase of the “Setareh Jalij Fars” refinery will match this by producing 12 million liters of petroleum per day.

The other two phases of the project will begin operations within 12 months, for a total production of 36 liters of Euro 4 and Euro 5 petroleum per day. The country’s total output will then exceed 100 million liters, data in the Iranian Oil Ministry’s website shows.

The refinery will also produce 14 million liters of gasoil. “Once the two other phases of this refinery are commissioned, Iran will become an exporter of petroleum products” General Ebadollah Abdollahi, who manages the base, stated.

Construction of this plant began 10 years ago but was delayed due to international sanctions. The agreement reached between the Islamic Republic and Western nations in June to lift part of said sanctions as of January allowed accelerating the works. The Revolutionary Guards’ Khatam-al Anbia base, which is still under U.S. sanctions, is very present in the energy industry, as well as other economic sectors in the country, with several development projects.

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