Uber’s flying cars could be in the streets by 2020

Uber’s first revolution was shared cars (UberPool), and they are currently experimenting with autonomous vehicles. The most recent novelty is the flying car: In less than seven years, clients will see Uber Air among the options when opening the application. According to information published in Cromo, projects that were once considered impossible are now closer to becoming a reality.

Decades ago, flying cars were considered a matter of science fiction, now we want to make it a reality,” Jeff Holden, chief product officer of the Elevate project, (Uber’s most futuristic division) said during a conference in Texas.

He also informed that the company expects to launch this product in Dallas and Dubai in 2020. Uber plans to test the vehicle that same year during the World Expo in Dubai. However, it will not be introduced as a massive means of transportation until 2025.

“Uber has partnered with several aircraft manufacturers that are developing VTOL electric vehicles to help us analyze the Elevate mission,” Holden stated. At the moment, the firm’s first five aircraft partners are: Pipistrel Aircraft, Mooney, Bell Helicopter, Embraer y Aurora Flight Services (the two latter are Brazilian companies).

The company plans to develop Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) vehicles, which will minimize the necessary space to start off the vehicles. Furthermore, ChargePoint is already developing a special charger its these (electric) batteries. Charging points will be established at “vertiports” installed in building tops. The first vehicles will be human-piloted, and the ultimate ambition is to have automated driving.

The project is largely motivated by ecological reasons, as the company is aiming to eliminate traffic and carbon emissions since automobiles are responsible for 22 percent of said emissions.

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