Norway has the highest amount of electric vehicles per capita

highest amount of electric vehicles

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Norway is the country with the highest amount of electric vehicles is its roads.

The reason? Their low costs.

Despite the fact that Norway is an expensive country, zero-emissions vehicles are quite affordable.

Therefore, half of its vehicle fleet is formed by electric and hybrid cars.

With a market quota of over 33 percent, it is the country with the highest amount of electric cars per capita in the world.

Despite the fact that it is an oil producing nation, it is also investing in renewable power.

In fact, this country has set the goal to end combustion engine vehicle sales by 2025.

The country with the highest amount of electric vehicles was ahead in 1990

27 years ago, no one imagined that electric vehicles would be a reality nowadays.

However, Norway got ahead of this future.

The country and electric car manufacturer Buddy made a prototype.

It was a urban vehicle that sold around 1,500 units between 1991 and 2013.

Later, in 2016, about 44,888 electric cars were sold in the country.

This number accounted for 21.49 percent of the vehicle purchases in Europe, according to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

This is a higher percentage than that achieved by other countries that also invest in the sector.

EV sales account for 33 percent in Norway, while sales in Switzerland account for 2.29 percent, 9.13 percent in Iceland, and 4.21 percent in Sweden.

What are the benefits for the country with the largest amount of electric vehicles?

Having an electric car in Norway means being exempted from paying taxes for it.

Those using electric vehicles don’t have to pay road rates or tolls.

Additionally, these cars can travel on the boats that cross the country’s fiords free of charge.

They are also exempted from paying for parking and can use the bus lanes to avoid traffic.

Thanks to these benefits, sales rose to 16,757 units this year.

That’s over half of all the 29,205 units sold in France in 2016.

But the country with the largest amount of EVs on its roads is not the leader in sales.

China is leading in EV sales 

Around 507,000 electric and hybrid vehicles were sold in China in 2016.

A 53 percent increase from the previous year.

Meanwhile, 157,130 units were sold in the United States, growing by 36 percent in 2016.

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