Cuba to further research on climate change in 2017

In 2017, Cuba will conduct a detailed investigation on climate change, after several adverse forecasts regarding the future of the island in the coming years came out.

Cuba’s Environmental Agency (AMA in Spanish) will prioritize 90 projects related to climate change research, sustainable development, and meteorology this year, according to the island’s official newspaper Granma.

Forecasts warning that the Cuban weather will be dryer, warmer, and extreme have sparked the creation of national programs like “Climate Change in Cuba: Impact, mitigation, and adaptation” and “Meteorology and Sustainable Development”.

Specialists foresee a possible increase in average air temperature of up to 4°C, and declining rainfall from 15-50 percent.

Cuba wants to prepare a course of action after becoming aware of the possible consequences of climate change on “vital areas” such as agriculture and water resources in the next years.

According to the head of AMA Maritza Garcia, so far they have studied more than 30 options to mitigate the consequences of climate change in the residential, forestry, energy, transportation, cement production, and biogas sectors, as well as waste management.

The Environmental Agency is also conducting hazard, vulnerability, and risk studies in the Cuban coast area mainly focused on the possible increase of average sea levels by 2050 and 2100, aimed at proposing adaptation measures, concludes the article.

The environment has been one of the first areas in which Cuba and United States have promoted joint actions and cooperation agreements to restore bilateral relations, announced in 2014 and carried out in 2015.

However, the Trump administration has not only been opposed to the attempt at closer relations with Cuba, it has also been skeptic about the research that alerts about the risks of climate change.

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