Francisco Pizarro Project: Iberdrola building Europe’s largest solar PV plant in Extremadura

Francisco Pizarro project

Iberdrola is moving forward with its renewable strategy and has begun the development of the Francisco Pizarro project.

With this and other complexes Iberdrola exceeds 2,000 MW of renewable power in Spain.

The company is set to invest more than €300 to build the Francisco Pizarro project. The works will create over 1,000 jobs until its commissioning in 2022.

Francisco Pizarro project will be a formidable facility

With an installed capacity of 590 megawatts (MW) and an investment of over €300 million, this project is set to become Europe’s largest solar power plant.

The details of the Francisco Pizarro project were presented to the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Once concluded, it will cover a surface of 1,300 hectares between the municipalities of Torrecillas de la Tiesa and Aldeacentenera (Caceres).

During the construction phase and until its commissioning in 2022, up to 1,000 people are expected to work on this construction. It will be larger than the Nuñez de Balboa solar PV power plant, which Iberdrola is currently building in Usagre (Badajoz). This facility, with an installed capacity of 500 MW, is the largest in the European continent so far.

The Francisco Pizarro project will generate enough clean power to supply 375,000 people a year, more than the populations of Caceres and Badajoz combined. Its commissioning will prevent the emission of 245,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, reinforcing the role of this technology for environmental protection and mitigating global warming.

Iberdrola adding 2,000 MW of renewable capacity

With the addition of Francisco Pizarro, Iberdrola is now building or processing more than 2,000 MW in Spain. This accounts for 70% of investments in the company's plan for 2022, with a target of 3,000 MW in the country.

The remaining renewable projects under development in Spain are, so far, the following:

  • Extremadura. The Ceclavín (328 MW), Arenales (150 MW) and Campo Arañuelo I and II photovoltaic plants (50 MW each) are undergoing administrative processing;
  • In Andalusia. The company is developing the 50 MW Andévalo photovoltaic project, located within the largest wind farm in Continental Europe, promoted and managed by Iberdrola;
  • Cuenca. The Romeral 50 MW photovoltaic project will be built in Cuenca;
  • In Burgos. Iberdrola has wind farms with installed capacity of 73 MW under administrative processing (Herrera's wind farm complex and La Lora's one).

In Spain, Iberdrola has more than 700 MW renewables under construction (the Núnez de Balboa photovoltaic plant and wind projects in three regions), expected to go into service between 2019 and 2020.

All these renewable plants will become the flagship for Spain's leadership in Extremadura, Spain, and the European Union in the transition to a more sustainable energy system.

Plan to relaunch clean energy moving forward

The activities underway are part of the clean energies relaunch plan designed by Iberdrola in Spain. The strategy will entail investing €8 billion between 2018 and 2022 and commissioning 10,000 new MW until 2030.

The plan will create jobs for 20,000 people, almost ten times the number working in traditional generation in the company.

These projects form part of the global investments that Iberdrola will make between 2018 and 2022, totaling €34 billion.

Iberdrola is the biggest producer of wind energy in Spain, with installed power of 5,770 MW, while its total installed renewable capacity, including both wind and hydroelectric, is 15,790 MW.

The company has a total of almost 30,000 MW installed capacity around the world.

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