Iberdrola and IKEA sign deal to install 50 EV charging stations

Iberdrola and IKEA have signed an agreement to install 50 EV charging stations in Spain

Iberdrola and IKEA have signed an agreement to install 50 EV charging stations in Spain. The deal also entails free renewable power supply for Iberdrola stores, logistic centers, and corporate buildings in the country.

The agreement seeks to promote sustainable mobility and the efficient use of energy infrastructures as of 2019. To this end, IKEA will offer free electric vehicle charging to all its customers. The stores in Málaga, Badalona, and Zaragoza will be the first to have this equipment, according to Iberdrola’s press release.

For its part, Iberdrola will install charging stations at the IKEA main offices in San Sebastián de los Reyes and its logistics center in Valls (Tarragona).

The rollout in Spain, which will start this month, will be completed in 2019.

The customers and users of these IKEA stations will recharge the batteries of their electric cars with 100 percent green energy. Iberdrola and IKEA assure they have certificates guaranteeing its renewable origins.

The company clarified that anyone will be able to use this service, whether they are customers of Iberdrola or not. Users can charge on their mobile phones using the Iberdrola Public Charging App. With this tool, e-vehicle drivers will be able to geo-locate and book a charging station.

Iberdrola and IKEA promoting sustainable mobility

The agreement forms part of Iberdrola's plans to promote and lead the transition to sustainable mobility and the electrification of transport as an effective way to fight climate change.

The company has developed a Sustainable Mobility Plan that includes the installation of 25,000 charging stations in Spain in four years.

The plan also includes implementing a network of fast, superfast, and ultrafast charging stations that will be installed every 100 km on the major motorways and corridors of Spain over the next months. This will make it possible to cross Spain from end to end in an electric car.

The most recent EV models have a driving range between 300 and 400 km, while models built around three years ago offer around 100 and 200 km. In this sense, the initiative is aimed at preventing these vehicles to run out of power between charging stations.

At the same time, Iberdrola is working on developing specific policies and actions to 'mobilize' all the players involved. To this end, it has reached agreements or pacts with the various players involved to promote sustainability; such as AVIA, BMW, Renault, Hyundai, Groupe PSA, Volkswagen, Telefónica, the Spanish Electricity Grid; Pelayo, Auchan Retail Group Spain and ZITY.

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