Jorge Neri: we need nature to survive but it doesn’t need us

Jorge Neri

Jorge Neri

CEO of Grupo EIG Multimedia, editor of Cambio16 & President of the IESC

As CEO of Cambio16, I have the huge responsibility and honor of closing this first edition of the International Environmental Sustainability Congress. What a task, after having listened to and learned from the extraordinary speakers we’ve had during the event.

I will try to be brief because this is not a day for long speeches. On the contrary, it has been a successful day because we all came to work in the defense of the environment. And, consequently, we were able to achieve the major goals established.

We need nature

The first goal attained was the reaffirmation of environmental supremacy. Although our existence is fully linked to the environment, we dared to pollute even the most basic elements, like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we cultivate, and the seas that provide so much to us. Hence, environmental supremacy is simply understanding that we need nature to exist but it doesn’t need us.

The second goal attained was reuniting environmental organizations, politicians, businessmen, entrepreneurs, the media, and civil society in one room with the sole objective of working together in the defense and preservation of the environment. This achievement establishes the basis for future actions and reaffirms the title of my recent article in Cambio16 and the slogan for the IESC: “Mother Earth: together we can save it.”

Another objective achieved today was ratifying that there is no other possible path for the preservation of our planet than incorporation into sustainability. Not looking for culprits but demanding immediate change and concrete actions. Unfortunately, since this necessary path is still unclear for some, we must continue to fight until we manage to fulfill the environmental goals, which is simply to create and live in a world with productive and consumption systems that produce zero waste or residues, as it is in nature.

For a zero-waste consumption system

We must commit to sustainability until achieving the environmental targets, in other words, until we are capable of living in a zero-waste production and consumption system.

On the other hand, another goal we hope to have attained today is understanding that sustainability is also a golden economic opportunity. In fact, I dare to predict that sustainability will be a highly important factor in companies’ competitiveness in the short term. We will soon witness how society demands sustainable products in all areas of our lives. Those who pioneer this transformation will obtain great economic benefits.

Finally, the last objective is the great opportunity for Europe to be a global leader in the road toward sustainability, as it did before with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is only now timidly being incorporated in the United States with the Roundtable Organization. Europe has the opportunity to lead the change toward sustainability with its multiple benefits, including economic, thanks to the void temporarily left by the United States due to Donald Trump's policies. As to Spain, in addition to becoming an important player in green energies, waste and wastewater treatment, decarbonization, etc. it has the opportunity to be the bridge between the Latin American market and Europe, more so after the signing the free trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur. The road has been laid out.

IESC in May 2020

In the meantime, to give continuity to the IESC and continue to fulfill our promise to transition from information to action under the two cornerstones of the Cambio16 editorial policy: the defense of human rights and the defense of the environment, we would like to announce that the 2nd International Environmental Sustainability Congress is scheduled for May 2020. In this forum, we will review the progress made in the compliance with a number of affirmations and some new ideas and actions that the organizing committee is already working on.

Personally, I will continue to work on my proposal to change companies’ valuation method by incorporating a new item of 15% to 30% of the total value, in accordance with the implementation of the parameters on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Finally, I have to thank all our co-organizers – WWF, Vertidos Cero, Fundación Ecomar, Economía Circular, World Law Foundation, IQ Latino, Forética, EOI, Spainsif, Dirse, and Soma Life Center – for your commitment and maximum effort in the organization of the IESC. To our sponsors, because without them this would not be possible, to the artist who created the image for this Congress Antonio Briceño, and of course, to the team of Cambio16, led by Operations Manager Francisco Neri.

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