Renewable Gas: A key factor in decarbonization

Renewable Gas: A key factor in decarbonization

The main conclusion drawn from the first Technology Forum on Renewable Gas was that this resource, which has a neutral environmental impact, will strengthen the capacity to meet decarbonization goals and allow promoting circular economy.

Moreover, promoting renewable gas fosters the development of rural areas, as it is fundamentally based on the exploitation of agri-food resources and promotes local cooperation between the different parties involved (farmers and livestock farmers, energy companies, engineering firms, local public administration, technology experts, etc.)

Twenty renowned experts on this field have analyzed the current situation of this energy in Spain, as well as the basis to design an action plan to power renewable gas as a sustainable energy in the medium term.

Furthermore, the process to produce this fuel – from start to the end consumption – as well as the different technological, economic, and regulatory barriers presented nowadays were also discussed at this forum, which advocated for its development.

“Renewable gas plays an essential role in the energy transition we are currently going through. We simply must plan the necessary adaptations in the country’s gas infrastructure over the coming years in order to harness all the potential of this energy”, said Antoni Peris, General Manager of Regulated Businesses at NATURGY. “Enabling the gas network to receive renewable energy is a sustainable and economically competitive option for promoting a decarbonized energy system”, he added.

Naturgy believes it is essential to adapt the country’s gas infrastructure to harness all the potential of this energy

The group of experts also agreed that renewable natural gas brings environmental benefits given that it is an energy with low greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Its production helps meet the targets set by the European Union for the energy system decarbonization process aimed at making it stable, competitive, and sustainable, as well as enabling promotion of the circular economy.

Naturgy held the first Technology Forum Promoting the Development of Renewable Gas in Spain at its Innovahub, in Madrid

Renewable Gas integrated into the gas sector

What is renewable gas? Renewable gas is an energy obtained from waste (waste water, urban or rural organic waste, agri-food waste, etc.) and can be directly injected into the gas infrastructure that already exists, becoming a part thereof and usable by consumers at any connection point.

This solution is already being used in Europe, where there are over 18,000 plants; Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Denmark are benchmark countries when it comes to this energy, and Spain has unquestionable potential in this regard. “Support for innovation and promotion of renewable gas is crucial to its development. At the NATURGY Foundation, we are working on initiatives – such as this forum– to find solutions in the development of this sustainable energy while achieving sustained economic savings over time”, said the General Manager of the NATURGY Foundation Martí Solà.

“Forums like this one are essential for building and promoting new technologies and solutions, and there is much to be built and promoted in terms of renewable gas”, stated the Subdirector for Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda. For her part, Maj-Britt Larka stressed that “renewable gas is an excellent opportunity to meet the targets set by the European Union and offers solutions to the waste management problem, especially in the crop and livestock farming sectors”.


-At the company’s Madrid headquarters, the General Manager of Regulated Businesses at NATURGY, Antoni Peris, and the General Manager of the NATURGY Foundation, Martí Solà inaugurated the First Technology Forum for debate entitled Promoting the Development of Renewable Gas in Spain, held at the company’s Innovahub.

-The event was also attended by representatives from companies involved in the promotion of renewable gas and the development of initiatives contributing to the improvement of air quality, such as Ramón Calderón, from SEAT; Diego Vela, from ENAGÁS; Marta Margarit, from Sedigas; May López, from SEUR; and Guillaume Virmaux, from Gaz Naturel GRDF; among others. For their part, NATURGY executives also included Blanca Losada, Innovation and Technology Director; and Carlos Miravent, Director of Nedgia, the company’s gas distribution subsidiary in Spain.

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