Volkswagen’s electric mobility has arrived

On September 9, Volkswagen unveiled the first model of its new sustainable ID line – the ID.3, the first car to bear the brand’s new logo – at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The traditional automobile sector is currently facing a shift toward efficient and sustainable mobility. This German brand, with its new projects for the ID Family, is firmly committing to leading the e-mobility of the future; starting in late 2019 with the mass production its emblematic electric propulsion vehicle: the ID.3.

The German carmaker continues to move forward in its commitment with the Paris Climate deal as it lays the foundation of sustainable mobility with its electric development. With this in mind, its new state-of-the-art EV – the ID.3. – is set to minimize its carbon footprint, as it will help prevent the emission of more than one million tons of CO2 a year, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Special exclusive edition

The ID.3. 1ST edition limited to 30,000 units with advanced equipment sold in Europe. This new bet on e-mobility is coming to the market in mid-2020. For now, mass production will begin at its Zwickau plant by the end of the year and will have a pioneering role; as it will become the group’s first electric car based on the MEB platform (modular electric drive matrix); ratifying a firm proposal to lead efficient mobility over the next six years.

So far, 30,000 units of this vehicle, which is about the size of the Golf, have been pre-ordered. The starting price of the ID.3 with the smallest battery will be just under €30,000 in Germany (recommended price). Meanwhile, the exclusive ID.3. 1ST edition will be available at €40,000, minus the state or autonomous subsidies applied in each case.

Three battery options

The model will be available with three battery options. The base model has a 45-kWh battery for a range of up to 330 km, a 77-kWh battery pack for up to 550 km on a single charge measured by the WLTP. The ID.3. 1ST edition will have a 58-kWh battery with an autonomous range of 420 km. It is quite a versatile line with models that fits different needs.

The ID.3 will be delivered to customers as a carbon-neutral product. The production of both the battery cells and the ID is designed to achieve this through the systematic use of renewable energy. The emissions that inevitably result from the production process will be compensated with certified green projects.

Battery charging

In Germany, the company offers the first buyers the chance to recharge their ID.3 1ST free of charge for a year; whether at any of the recharge points connected to VW’s We Charge app or using the IONITY fast charging network, which distributes green energy.

As to the charging, the company assures that the batteries can take loads of up to 125 kW. 30 minutes of recharge will translate to about 260 kilometers. For the ID, Volkswagen has focused its entire value chain in preventing and reducing CO2 emissions. The batteries will be locally produced in Europe and the power will come from renewable sources. Drivers will not have to go to a service station, as they will be able to recharge their vehicle anywhere, even from their homes with a household outlet or a Wallbox.

The time to formalize orders of these vehicles will be early 2020. Customers will be able to make binding orders of the exclusive ID.3 1ST with their preferred distributor. Until then, it is possible to cancel the pre-order at any time without any charges and with a full refund.

Design and comfort

In Spain, the exclusive ID.3 1ST edition ill be available in four colors and a two-tone interior and exterior design. Its brand new 18-inch alloy wheels provide a sporty touch. Moreover, it incorporates a great variety of high-comfort functionalities, such as voice control and navigation system. It also offers optional Emergency Assist.

Furthermore, if other vehicles approach the car as the passenger prepares to exit, the interactive system will alert of the exact proximity for more security. Its LED headlights automatically adapt to any environment, thus guaranteeing the driver will able to focus on the road.

ID.3 a Volkswagen emblem

Laura Ros, Volkswagen director in Spain, assured this innovative vehicle is “one more step in the carmaker’s transformation toward electric mobility and, starting today, it is a reality for our clients”. Similarly, she added “the ID.3 is the third most important icon in the history of our brand after the Beetle and the Golf, the brand’s best-selling model. We made state-of-the-art technology so far reserved for higher-tier models available for all users.”

ID Family

This way, Volkswagen presents its firmest candidate to lead electric mobility. Its commitment represents a stand against climate change and in favor of the emergency presented by the need to end GHG emissions that so pollute the atmosphere, contaminate cities and, especially, are a huge factor in rising global temperatures. The ID Family has come to revolutionize the automobile sector and its sixth model in the ID line will be unveiled in a few weeks in the Los Angeles Auto Show scheduled for November.

The ID.3 will be launched in 2020, as will the 100% electric zero-emissions SUV, the ID Crozz. The brand also plans to launch the 8-seat ID Buzz van in 2022 and the ID Vizzion premium sedan later in 2025. By that point, the company hopes to sell one million EVs a year emerge as the leader in the market.

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